Anger at new hours for swimmers

Tynemouth Pool.'REF 1301158404
Tynemouth Pool.'REF 1301158404

Swimmers have been left high and dry after council chiefs chose to close a pool on an evening.

Residents who use Tynemouth Pool have been left shocked after North Tyneside Council decided to close the pool to the public on an evening.

The decision means the pool will be closed to the public after 6pm on Mondays and from 5.30pm Tuesday to Friday.

Local resident Alison Parkin said: “This is absolutely shocking and clearly a decision the council have chosen to keep very quiet.

“So how are working people supposed to go swimming in the week? How are parents supposed to go swimming with their children after work?

“When are teenagers going to be able to go swimming with their friends after school?

“I regularly swim while my daughter had her swimming lesson. I will no longer be able to do this from March.”

A council spokesperson said Tynemouth Pool would be open to the public from 8.30pm to 9.45pm on a Monday.

They added: “North Tyneside Council is committed to helping people to become more fit and healthy and this includes helping them learn to swim.

“We’re planning to offer more swimming lessons to teach both children and adults, which means that there have been changes to the general public swimming hours at Tynemouth Pool.

“The council is proud of the state-of-the-art sports and leisure facilities, and there are three other pools where the hours will be unaffected.”

“With four large swimming pools, North Tyneside offers a larger provision than the regional and national average, meaning that even during peak times, they are often under occupied.

“The change has also been welcomed by the successful Tynemouth Amateur Swimming Club, which currently has to travel to facilities outside the borough and has requested to use Tynemouth Pool on a more regular basis.

“This is not about closing facilities, they will be open the same as before except that they will be used by more people from different user groups. Our Contours gym service also remains unchanged.”