Anger at race-hate wrestling show at Butlins

A Whitley Bay father was left shocked after being caught up in a '˜race hate-filled' wrestling show.

Wednesday, 6th April 2016, 8:49 am
Updated Wednesday, 6th April 2016, 8:56 am
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Christian Cerisola was with his family at Butlins’ Skegness resort last weekend.

But Christian was left shocked after he and other families were invited to watch a Superslam Wrestling show which turned into a “race hate-filled ten minutes”.

The show saw attendees boo a wrestler named ‘Hakim’ waving an Islamic flag while cheering for their British hero ‘Tony Spitfire’.

Christian, who owns PR company Glue PR, took to social media site Twitter to share his anger.

He said: “They asked to watch the wrestling.

“A harmless bit of fun, we thought but no. I felt I was dropped into the middle of a Britain First rally.

“Out came ‘Hakim’. The Islamic flag waving baddie. ‘BOOOOO’, we were told.

“Then came Union flag trunk wearing ‘Tony Spitfire.’ Yes Tony Spitfire, ladies and gents. ‘En-Ger-land!’ he thumped over and over.

“A horrific race hate-filled ten minutes of everything wrong on racial stereotypes.

“How did this get past the sense checkers?”

Bosses at Butlins have said an investigation is taking place as the show deviated from previously agreed content.

A spokesperson for Butlins said: “The wrestling was a deviation from the agreed content and we’re conducting a full review with our supplier as to why.

“We’d like to assure all guests this was a totally unacceptable one-off which is contrary to Butlins’ values.

“It won’t happen again.”