Angus to step out for first marathon

Angus Miller with his fellow team workers wishing him well for Sunday's run.
Angus Miller with his fellow team workers wishing him well for Sunday's run.

A former Tynemouth student is preparing to pound the streets of London in his first ever marathon for a charity close to his heart.

Angus Miller, who used to go to Kings School, was lucky enough to be picked out of a hat to take part in the London Marathon on Sunday.

The 28-year-old, who runs for Jesmond Joggers Running Club, has chosen to raise funds for The People’s Kitchen.

Every Thursday night, Angus volunteers with the Night Outreach team preparing food to take out onto the street to Newcastle’s vulnerable and homeless people.

Angus helps to distribute food and clothing and talks and listens to the “friends” of The People’s Kitchen.

He said: “I know how lucky I am to have a lovely home with access to running water and heating, and the support of a loving family.

“I’ve struggled to find a long-term job myself, so I can appreciate the difficulties faced by others and realise how easy it would be to slip into their position.

“With the serious economic problems that we are facing I wanted to give my support to a charity that provides help and support to the homeless and vulnerable people of Newcastle. “

So far, Angus has raised more than £2,000 and he hopes to finish the marathon in just three and a half hours.

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Toria Harrison, team leader at The People’s Kitchen, said: “To us, older volunteers on the Thursday night team, Angus embodies all that is good in the youth of today.”

“From the moment he joined our team he couldn’t do enough to help. He’s never missed a shift, he’s loyal, totally dependable and passionate about The Kitchen.

“Volunteering at The Kitchen has totally changed his outlook on life and he talks passionately about our work to everyone he knows.

“Angus has been enlightened and inspired by the work of The People’s Kitchen and he wants to do his best for a local charity that he thinks is just amazing.

“In turn, we think that he is just amazing too and we wish him well on Sunday.”