Anyone up for a game of rounders?

I WANT to explore whether or not there would be sufficient interest in the local area to start an adult mixed rounders league.

Rounders is perhaps our favourite game that the vast majority of us played at school.

Everyone knows and understands the fundamentals of how to play.

Many of us haven’t played since those school days.

My idea is to start a friendly league at the coast, beginning in April and running through until late July, ending just as the school holidays begin.

I think it could be a great way to build a community and allow people of all abilities to participate in a sport that is fun and active.

We would become affiliated to England Rounders and play to their rules and with recommended equipment.

The teams would be of mixed gender with a balance of male and female players having to make up each team.

We have some terrific venues along the coastal belt.

All you need to play is space, minimal equipment and willing participants.

Rounders is a really great way to have fun, take part and meet new people.

I would expect it to have a real social aspect too, perhaps ending the ‘season’ with a tournament and barbecue.

As this is just a canvass for interest all of the above is up for discussion.

I believe this could work with clear communication and commitment and not getting too over complicated in governance.

If anyone out there wants to talk about this, you can contact me on


Whitley Bay