App to help ME patients manage their condition

A NEW iPhone application has been launched to help patients who suffer from CFS/ME to better manage their symptoms.

Newcastle-based Indigo Multimedia Ltd, with help from CFS/ME experts, have developed the app which helps patients keep track of their activity levels, a key part in self-managing the condition which affects around four in 1,000 people.

Louise Wilson, programme manager for the NHS Northern CFS Clinical Network, said: “The app is a fantastic way for people to feel in control in managing their condition.

“Having the app on their iPhone makes their charts and monitoring information more portable and accessible which we hope will encourage more meticulous use of this self-monitoring tool.”

Dr Esther Crawley, consultant paediatrician and service lead for the children and young people’s CFS/ME service at the RNHRD, said: “The information recorded can be discussed with clinical teams and the data used to inform treatment plans.

“This is a really exciting development and provides us with another tool to help people with this complex condition to maximise their independence.”

The application is available from the Apple App store under utilities.