Please keep cycles off the pavements

I just wanted to write and ask people not to cycle on paths, please, and if you have children who go out by themselves on bikes, to speak to them about this.

I was walking along Park View in Whitley Bay holding hands with my 18-month-old and my three-year-old was looking in shop windows.

A boy on a bike came speeding along towards us and slammed on his brakes and my son quickly ran to me, but the boy wobbled towards us all when he tried to stop.

He was polite and apologised, but he could have easily gone straight into my son.

We also got another fright when an adult was on a path cycling towards us from behind in the town centre in Whitley Bay.

He again was cycling quickly and whooshed past us. We did not have a collision, but my son as a three-year-old frequently walks in front to look at a toy shop or crosses over and swaps sides, he doesn’t walk in a straight line so the cyclists can’t presume that everyone on the path is moving ahead in an ordered way.

I got the fright of my life when he went past because if my son had simply moved to the other side of me, as he frequently does, he would have been struck at speed.

Please cyclists, stay on the road, I don’t know the laws exactly, but when you are walking with two small children who are unpredictable, it is frightening, but it is also so dangerous for all pedestrians.

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