Appeal for conservation status

I WAS brought up in Monkseaton, and always had special feelings for it.

I moved to Tynemouth 27 years ago and lived in the conservation area there.

Just over a year ago I moved back to Monkseaton, only to find that the houses in Cauldwell Close were in the conservation area, but the bungalows were not.

I feel that this must be an oversight.

Cauldwell Close is a very special place, “a haven” as one of my neighbours calls it.

He is a surveyor and builder and has worked all round the north, but he says that he has never seen such an attractive cul de sac of its period in his travels.

I wrote to the conservation officer, asking for a review, which is recommended by English Heritage every five years.

The Civic Trust informed me that Monkseaton should have a management plan, which they told me it did not have.

The only reply I got was it would be passed on – this was some months ago and nothing has happened since.

Our local councillor, Joan Bell, is supporting us, and I have the signatures of all the Cauldwell Close residents who all want to be part of the conservation area – it would only mean the addition of 12 properties.

It is a street I have known all my life and always loved, I am so happy to be back here.

It is a special place and must not be allowed to be spoilt.

The atmosphere is so friendly.