Appeal for pavements details

RECENTLY I have been contacted on several occasions by a number of elderly residents who are concerned with the state of the area’s pavements.

I have been made aware of and fully endorse Age UK’s campaign – Falls Awareness Week June 20 to 24 – to highlight the potential harm involved with dangerous pavements, which are a major cause of falls in the UK.

Nationally, with 2.5 million older people falling over each year, I have stressed to North Tyneside Council that we must repair all dangerous pavements as a matter or urgency.

A fall for a younger person may cause severe bruising. A fall for an older person can break bones and take months to heal, leaving them physically restricted and socially isolated.

I believe it is essential that older people maintain their mobility and independence into later life through safer environments.

Therefore, I shall continue to press the council to ensure that certain pavements in Cullercoats are improved to make the risk of injury less.

The responsibility rests with the council to ensure that the borough’s pavements are at an acceptable standard.

Previous research by Help the Aged found that 5.4 million older people avoid routes that may have faulty or damaged pavements.

This is unacceptable.

During frequent walkabouts around Cullercoats, I have come across areas of unsuitable and potentially dangerous pavements.

Despite the best efforts of the various council departments, sometimes damaged areas of pavement can be missed or overlooked.

Therefore, I take this opportunity to ask for your assistance to help me highlight any further dangerous pavements in Cullercoats.

If there are any pavements that you know are in need of attention or know of any damaged or cracked paving stones that may cause harm, please do not hesitate to contact me on or 07581 471923 and I shall endeavour to assist.


Cullercoats Ward