Appreciation for support at event

I would like to say a massive ‘thank you’ to the hundreds of local residents who supported the fundraising event at Archer Street Social Club, Howdon, last Saturday evening for Milo Browne.

As News Guardian readers know, 21-month-old Milo suffers from delayed physical and mental development that has so far baffled medical experts who are unable to give a diagnosis of his condition.

The youngster has no head control, suffers from uncoordinated movements and is unable to hold his body weight, which means it is unlikely that he will ever walk.

Angels of the North is sponsoring a fundraising drive under the title ‘Our Milo’ to raise about £18,000 to create a bespoke sensory room in his home, and I have the greatest pleasure in reporting that the magnificent sum of £3,983.30 raised on Saturday evening will go a long way towards meeting that target.

I would particularly like to thank the committee, management and staff at Archer Street Social Club for their generous support, the family’s friends, neighbours and relatives and all the businesses and individuals who so generously donated cash, raffle and tombola prizes.

Last, but most certainly not least, I would like to say a personal thank you to Milo’s parents, Stephen Browne and Laura Davidson, for their tremendous commitment in every respect.

In particular they put in a fantastic physical effort to make Saturday evening not only so successful but also so enjoyable.

We are greatly looking forward to the day when little Milo has his sensory room.

Barbara Connors-Fowler

Hon Chief Executive Officer

Angels of the North