Are these traffic lights a marketing ploy?

The new traffic lights in Earsdon Road have been switched on in the last few days.

This morning I saw traffic brought to a halt every 50 seconds: wasted fuel and time adding to the cost of the works.

No vehicles were taking the opportunity to use the junction onto the estate under construction, so maybe it’s a marketing ploy to have frustrated drivers sit and see the new homes on offer?

To be fair, a couple of cars used the junction to access / exit the Wellfield estate, but that sufficed without lights for decades – until disrupted by the installation of the controls.

With the institution of any new scheme there should be a period of checking to ensure that the desired effect is being achieved, and that there are no unforeseen side effects.

Someone in authority should get down there sharpish to gather some data (and maybe even poll drivers as they wait); I’m sure they’d rapidly come to the conclusion that turning the lights off would be a massive improvement for most of the traffic, most of the time.

If those responsible dare not show their faces, perhaps stick a webcam on a lamppost, or have the camera car drive up and down for a while?

Steve Milner

Whitley Bay