AUTHORITY: Consultation will follow

Recent letters included contributions on things being '˜spoiled' by inappropriate action by governments and public alike, (News Guardian, December 14).

Sunday, 14th January 2018, 5:30 am

Parking on Watts Slope, Whitley Bay, is an example of parking all over North Tyneside and elsewhere, the slope intended for pedestrian access, service and emergency vehicles.

Vicki Gilbert advised us that the Stagecoach-Virgin group, given the franchise for the UK’s most important railway, will be allowed to renege on its contract and is seeking government support to do so. Railways are so important they should be in the public’s control.

Mr Todd pointed out that planners had rejected intended developments at St Mary’s Lighthouse as this detracted from the essential nature of the sites, but I suggest this is by no means the last of the project.

Nobody asked me about the five large wind turbines, but I believe they many only be the first of many. Hopefully, any more will be out of sight of coastal residences.

Ian Wylie’s familiarity with the history of local government might be better informed than mine. However, by attending meetings, I can offer the following on the North East Combined Authority and what may be the North Tyne Combined Authority.

The concept of devolved authorities came from central government. A team was sent to the north east to obtain an authority of seven Tyne and Wear councils, which all signed an agreement. People were surprised to find this was not binding, and a division, roughly north and south of the Tyne, was revealed. The three north councils – Newcastle, Northumberland and North Tyneside – felt obliged to continue their co-operation.

Mayor Redfearn cannot be criticised for these events, nor any other leader. Consultation will follow.

Mr A M Johnson