BALUSTRADE: Straightforward to re-assemble

Thank you North Tyneside Council and good riddance to The Avenue and High Point Hotel and the derelict eyesores on the lower promenade.

However, I am not so sure about the balustrade.

A cursory inspection reveals that no more than ten per cent of the pillars have been split open by their rusting reinforcing steel, which means that over 90 per cent are in perfect order, and their modular construction also means that it would be straightforward to dismantle and re-assemble elsewhere or replace, once the engineering works have been completed.

Along from the balustrade is the Grade II listed Dome which, when first built, was the largest free standing unsupported dome in the country after St Paul’s Cathedral.

Interestingly, the Dome is an early example of the use of reinforced concrete, and nicely complements the nearby reinforced concrete balustrade.

It would be a shame to replace the balustrade with an unimaginative, cheap, featureless steel fence.

Neal McCay

Whitley Bay


Shopping bag was returned to me

Thank you to the person who handed my M&S shopping bag in, which I left on a seat at the Haymarket bus station, on Thursday, June 9.

I was unable to get your name and address, so once again, thank you sincerely.

R Scott

Address supplied