BALUSTRADES: Objectives should be made clearer

The thing about the Whitley Bay balustrades, for me, is that it’s not just about the balustrades, it’s about the whole scheme to build a grass bank where the Central Lower Promenade currently is.

It seems to be a project trying to meet two separate objectives – a regeneration of the seafront, and a structural reinforcement of the road.

The suitability of the proposals to meet the first objective should be judged by the extent that it is aesthetically pleasing and attracts new visitors to the town to spend money with local businesses.

So with this first objective, my question is, what is the business case for a grass bank? How successfully will it bring in new visitors?

With the second objective, the obvious question is, what is the problem statement? What risk has been assessed? And what facts is this risk based upon?

If objectors knew the facts in the case for maintaining the structural integrity of the road, it would be much clearer why certain otherwise obvious choices, like creating a new attraction out of the Central Lower Prom, have been discounted.

Liza Walker

Whitley Bay