Barber celebrates 10 years of GHFM

Barber shop owner Jayne-Middleton-Potter is celebrating a decade of being self-employed.

Saturday, 10th February 2018, 7:00 am
Jayne Middleton-Potter of GHFM Barbers.

Her business, GHFM (Good Hair For Men) is currently located on Wilton Drive in Wellfield Estate, Whitley Bay.

Jayne is well known and liked across the coast for her bubbly personality and excellent barbering skills.

With a no-nonsense approach, Jayne wanted a sharp, friendly business that men could rely on for a good haircut and a bit of banter on the side.

“I trialled a booking system a few months ago to attempt to manage waiting times for my clients,” she said. “It works well for hairdressers but is less common for barbers.

“I use a booking app,, and to my delight, it has worked a treat. I’ve cut down on client waiting time and my salon runs far smoother now.

“Additional to the booking system’s success, I’d say the salon’s involvement in Habia Training Courses 2 which I adore, is another achievement I am very proud of. I run fully-accredited barbering cutting courses for stylists who want to further or polish up their skills.”

GHFM does what it says on the tin – for every client that comes for a haircut, Good Hair For Men works hard to make the most of what they have so they leave looking and feeling good, taking the time to listen and understand what each and every client wants.

With 32-years’ experience, Jayne is one of the longest standing female barbers in the borough.

Starting her career at the tender age of 17, because her dad said she’d be good at it and it would do her good, Jayne has never looked back.

“It’s a great career! You get instant feedback and satisfaction. Styles are always evolving so it never gets dull and you get to chat to some very interesting people.,” she said. 

With young people coming into the industry all the time, Jayne has some sage advice for them

“Never stop looking to better yourself, keep learning, believe in yourself and have fun!”

Over the next decade, she hopes to grow the training side of the business, teach a few apprentices and continue to love what she is doing.