BATTERY: We are not anti-cyclist

There seems to be a misunderstanding among some people regarding the campaign to stop plans to build a cycle hub and leisure outlet at the Spanish Battery in Tynemouth.

Thursday, 26th October 2017, 6:49 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 11:45 am

Supporters of the scheme seem to suggest that somehow residents are standing in the way of development that will benefit Tynemouth.

Please allow me to clarify the position of the Friends of the Spanish Battery, which has spearheaded the protest campaign.

We are not against facilities for cyclists, though we do not believe Tynemouth needs another outlet selling alcohol.

What we say is that the Spanish Battery, a place of beauty and tranquillity, steeped in history, is completely the wrong place for commercial development.

We are not anti-cyclist and we are happy to support improved facilities for cyclists at a suitable location in Tynemouth, or maybe at North Shields Fish Quay, a regeneration area that needs investment.

We believe commercial development needs to be at a location that enjoys widespread public support, not one which provokes widespread opposition.

We are pleased the application for the Spanish Battery has been withdrawn and we thank everybody who supported the campaign.

Peter Young

Friends of the Spanish Battery