Be a bright spark and stay safe this New Year

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New Year revellers are being encouraged to stay safe as they mark 2016.

Northern Powergrid, the company responsible for the network that delivers electricity to 3.9 million homes and business across the region, is urging local people to be a ‘bright spark’ and stay clear of overhead power lines and substations if they plan to set off fireworks to bring in the New Year.

The electricity distribution company is encouraging people across the north east to take a few extra minutes to double check their surroundings.

It wants people to be aware of the potential dangers around and above them which could spoil their New Year’s Eve celebrations or result in serious or fatal injuries if they light fireworks anywhere near their local electricity network.

Geoff Earl, Northern Powergrid’s director of health, safety and environment, said: “Across our region many people will be looking to celebrate bringing in the New Year with a firework display.

“It’s always best to attend a professionally organised display if you can but there will be some people who are planning to do something of their own.

“We want them to take the time to look for a safe place away from our overhead power lines or substations before they start their display as interfering with the electricity network can be dangerous.

“By taking these extra precautions they can ensure they have a great evening and start 2016 safely.”