Beacon more appropriate than mermaid for the Tyne

WITH reference to the letter (News Guardian, September 15) about the proposed Black Middens sculpture, I think the reasoning the Angel of the North has no folklore or reason but is still popular is irrelevant.

The Angel is a unique piece, a mermaid is not. Why copy Copenhagen’s famous original. Surely we can do better?

More importantly it is worth remembering that over the years around 200 people have lost their lives in various tragedies on these famous rocks, most notably when 32 souls died on The Stanley in 1864, which prompted the foundation of the Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade.

Any installation should be sympathetic to this and should be a memorial to those who have perished and not just something that is a ‘lovely idea’ and looks pretty.

I suggest a replica of an old fashioned beacon.

The type where a fire was lit in an iron ‘basket’ on top of a tall iron pole to warn shipping of danger.