BEHAVIOUR: I had better expectations

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I am full of admiration for the cleaners of Whitley Bay Metro Station.

The pigeons provide a challenge, to say the least, and the chewing gum that sticks to the stairs is plentiful.

But sadly, one recent Sunday morning, their job got worse.

I had just got off the train and noticed four teenage girls extracting a bottle of vodka from a place where it had been secreted.

They all had a sip and, with much mirth and shrieking, the ringleader tossed the bottle onto the paved area outside the toilet block.

Needless to say, they ran off in high glee as the bottle shattered into thousands of pieces, littering the whole space with nasty shards of broken glass.

I would have expected better of young women. Does it not occur to them that they have provided a dangerous hazard for passengers of all ages, and particularly to any dogs?

Or is this behaviour just a reflection of the careless attitude in general of the youngsters of today?

Name and address withheld