Beverley helps people to lose 450 stones

Slimming World consultant Beverley Swan.
Slimming World consultant Beverley Swan.

A Slimming World consultant is keen to help people look and feel better.

Beverley Swan has run groups for the organisation since October 2015 after losing 21lbs and changing her life.

And through those various groups, she believes she has helped people in and around Whitley Bay lose 450 stones between them.

Beverley said: “Having lost weight myself I know what an enormous difference it can make to your life and so being able to help people to change their life too really is the most rewarding thing.

“I always believe that you get out what you put in and that’s certainly the case at Slimming World, with the number of people you can help, in the excellent training and support you get.”

For more information or to join one of Beverley’s Thursday groups, pop along to Whitley Lodge First School at 7.30pm or alternatively visit Whitley Bay Library at 9am and 11am or call her on 07786 695 123

Lisa Salmon, Slimming World director of field operations, said: “All of our consultants originally joined us as Slimming World members, giving them an understanding of what it’s like to struggle with their weight and all have had success on the plan.”

“Personal qualities are so important and we look for warmth, energy and enthusiasm, good listening skills and, most importantly, a caring non-judgemental nature and a genuine desire to help people lose weight – giving people the confidence to achieve their dreams is our ultimate mission and you don’t get a better sense of purpose than that.”