Bill more like a Trojan horse

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On the legislative front, the House of Commons made it to the recess with less of a bang than a whimper.

The previous week we dealt with emergency legislation about retention of data communication but that merely maintained the status quo.

It means phone and internet companies will not rush to destroy records to avoid costly law suits and allow the police continued access to important evidence used in many terrorist and serious crime cases.

Once safeguards were put in I was happy to vote for the Bill, content in the knowledge that the real debate about data storage starts now.

The last Bill before the House was the ironically named Social Action, Responsibility and Heroism Bill. I say ironic for two reasons.

Firstly legislation is unnecessary, the case law is already clear. Secondly, by seeking to protect ‘good samaritans’ from ‘health and safety’, the Bill looks like a Trojan horse, less about protecting the former and more about undermining the latter.

Elsewhere, heroes were much in evidence. The excellent Tynemouth WW1 Commemoration Project is placing blue plaques on the houses of those who marched away to defend their country.

The summer recess offers MPs the opportunity to catch up with events and views of their constituents. But many MPs expect Parliament to be recalled before the scheduled return in September as the terrible events in Ukraine and Gaza continue to unfold.