BOARDWALK: ‘Improvements’ bring down town

I can hardly contain myself, I want to scream at someone. Whose bright idea was it to swap our beautiful, versatile, welcoming Boardwalk Cafe for this? Well, it’s called a ‘garden shed’, and that is just about what it is.

Why, why, why?

You cannot stand out on the balcony of this shed and watch the sunset, or gaze at the moon and night sky. It probably won’t be open.

Then listed are ‘other’ improvements. How can anyone possibly include this shed under improvements? It’s a travesty. It is bringing Whitley Bay down.

My heart is breaking for what is being done to our lovely town.

Whitley Bay has such potential – beautiful views which could be framed in huge windows of cafes and restaurants, walkways leading to small boutique units along the front and maybe inside the Dome.

How about a pathway through an impressive scented shrubbery, as well as trees to meander through?

Then maybe there would be a place for the shed to sell ice creams to eat as people wander along the tree-lined walkway.

This could also lead to other shops to encourage people to spend money and improve taxes for the town.

An evening trinket market in the Panama Dip, or along the prom, on some summer evenings?

All the items mentioned sound cheap and nasty. Have none of the designers been to smart Mediterranean resorts?

Even countries like Greece realised that if they want to continue to tempt people to come they need resorts of quality so visitors can take pictures to send home and spread the reputation of the resort. They will not be impressed by a shed, iron railings and a bit of grass.

Sorry to be so negative, but this is ridiculous given the money being spent.

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