BOOK: Does anyone have a copy?

George W Lisle (1879-1951) was once mayor of Tynemouth.

Sunday, 5th June 2016, 6:12 am

He grew up in Cullercoats and published Memoirs of a Boyhood, Old Cullercoats Recalled, referred to in Helen A Cooper’s biography of artist Winslow Homer, to which she accredits North Shields public library as one of its holders.

Sadly, when needed, the book has gone missing.

Parts of these memoirs were seen by others and were the basis of a four-part article published in 1956. Further parts are quoted elsewhere. However, no local historical archive or library has a copy of the book, not even the British Library, which today ensures it and other key academic institutions have at least one, thanks to ISBN numbers.

If any reader has a copy of Lisle’s memoirs, I’d be glad if they get in touch with me on 0191 435 9747, or at the Cullercoats Family History and Heritage group, which meets every Monday afternoon at Cullercoats Community Association in Belle Vue Street.

George Frampton

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