Borough families clean up

FAMILIES in North Tyneside are cleaning up thanks to the distribution of surplus cleaning stock.

Cbee (Europe) Ltd decided enough surplus stock was enough and got in touch with registered charity Giving World Online to help distribute the cleaning materials.

The firm had 246 pallets of cleaning materials such as toilet cleaner, stain remover, and antibacterial wipes, which may have otherwise been destined for a landfill site.

The Rotary Club of Monkseaton Centenary Trust Fund contacted Giving World Online and after picking up dozens of pallets distributed them to families in need in North Tyneside.

Trust Fund chairman Barbara Connors-Fowler, said: “We have been dealing with Giving World Online for a long time and, thanks to them, we have been able to distribute many thousands of pounds worth of quality goods free to deserving families in the area.

“The cleaning materials that have just been distributed were gratefully received by hundreds of households in North Tyneside.”

Nigel Olsen, manager of Clorox, who manufacture the products that were distributed, said: “It’s wonderful to be able to support such a good cause and to hear that our cleaning products have gone to such deserving homes.

“Our ethos and corporate philosophy is to always do the right thing and this is another example where we are delighted to be involved and make a positive difference to people’s lives.”