Bottleneck needs to be addressed

Tom Bailey makes a case beneficial to Sustrans and North Tyneside Council (News Guardian, January 29).

However, both repeatedly fail to address the problem of what happens when the new wave of cyclists meets the Holy Saviours roundabout complex.

This involves four main roads, three feeder side streets, one of which leads to busy Tynemouth station car park, and a very narrow bridge at the commencement of Manor Road. It also contains two bus stops, serving buses at 15-minute intervals each way.

The whole area is severely constrained by private property, affording no additional space by which to relieve the danger.

What parent is going to encourage their child to ride a bicycle to school through such a hazard?

Sustrans and the council need to address this issue and deliver a safe and acceptable means of overcoming this bottleneck before the Broadway scheme can be considered to be a viable proposition beneficial to the community.

Concerned parent

Name and address supplied