Boundary Commission plan is wrong for constituency

I AM writing to ask for support in the campaign to stop the break up of the Tynemouth constituency as outlined in the Boundary Commission for England Initial Proposals within the Boundary Review.

The proposals if agreed would result in the break up of the Tynemouth constituency, which would be replaced by a ‘Whitley Bay’ constituency and a ‘Newcastle East/Tynemouth’ constituency.

The wards of Whitley Bay, St Mary’s, Monkseaton North, Monkseaton South, Cullercoats, Collingwood and Valley wards would become part of the ‘Whitley Bay’ constituency alongside Battlehill and Killingworth wards from North Tyneside constituency and Holywell ward from Blyth constituency.

Tynemouth, Preston and Chirton wards would join the North Tyneside constituency wards of Riverside, Howdon and Wallsend and four from Newcastle East constituency, Byker, Walker, South Heaton and Walkergate to form the Newcastle East/Tynemouth constituency.

The Boundary Commission has set a 12-week consultation period from September 13 to December 5 for contributions from the public.

They are particularly interested in alternative proposals that meet the rules set out by the commission.

As an alternative to the Boundary Commission’s proposals I would propose no change to the constituency boundaries as the electorate within Tynemouth is close to the electoral quota of 76,641.

I am also concerned that the Boundary Commission proposals would break up local ties within the constituency e.g. the coastal communities of Whitley Bay, Cullercoats, St Mary’s and Tynemouth and the historical ties that bind the local communities of Chirton, Valley, Monkseaton North Monkseaton South Collingwood and Preston with the coastal strip and local towns of North Shields and Whitley Bay.

I believe that there is little in favour of a Newcastle East/Tynemouth constituency as the local links between Newcastle East and Tynemouth are overshadowed by the cultural, historical, commercial and political links within the present constituency boundaries.

I write this letter with a non-political bias purely concerned about the historical, cultural and community ties with the present boundaries of our constituency.

If I were to put politics first then I would support the Boundary Commissions proposals which would give Labour a stronger majority in the ‘Whitley Bay’ constituency than the present Tynemouth constituency and the proposed Newcastle East/Tynemouth constituency would have one of the largest Labour majorities in the country.

If you wish to support no change to the Tynemouth constituency boundaries you can write to:

Boundary Commission of England, 35 Great Smith Street, London SW1P 3BQ or e-mail