Breakaway idea is not quite so daft

The idea of a breakaway from North Tyneside is not so daft (News Guardian, letters, October 9).

North Tyneside Council has been in charge of our town since 1974. Before that we were a borough council where all the rates paid by the good people of the town were spent for the benefit of the town and surrounding borough.

Since then there has been a gradual decline, with little evidence of where the many millions of pounds collected from our rates, have been used.

Existing facilities like the Playhouse theatre, Waves leisure facility, Spanish City and library were all neglected until government grants were found to rescue them.

Facilities, like the promenade shelters have been neglected until they are ready to be demolished.

Seaham went down a similar route until they voted to revert to a town council in 1993.

They wanted their town to have its own voice in local affairs.

They have since achieved Quality Town Council status to enable them to better represent the communities they serve.

Alan Embleton

Whitley Bay