BREXIT: Decide the priorities

Mary Glindon MP says that a strong Labour government would 'handle the big question, which is what sort of deal we negotiate with the EU', (News Guardian, December 21).

Saturday, 20th January 2018, 6:02 am

She goes on to say it should suit “our collective interests on jobs, trade, public services and easy movement”.

This all sounds admirable, but the Labour Party seems to have no coherent view of what it wants (much like the government), and our two local MPs both voted against remaining in the Customs Union just a few weeks ago.

This may all sound very technical, and I freely admit I’m often baffled by all these terms, but I understand that without that Customs Union we’ll have queues of lorries at Dover and border checks in Ireland.

All trade deals involve complex regulations so Labour must decide what its priorities are.

Maximum independence means tariffs, price rises and visa checks for holidays. Jobs, trade, working conditions and easy movement sounds good, but may be achievable only in the EU, or very closely aligned to it.

Make up your minds, please.

John Appleby

Whitley Bay