BREXIT: Figure is '˜misleading'

I have no wish to become involved in a long-running correspondence with Alan Newton, who responded to my letter about Brexit, (News Guardian, January 25).

Monday, 19th February 2018, 06:16 am
Updated Wednesday, 14th February 2018, 16:55 pm

Nevertheless, I cannot allow to pass his assertion that the £350m figure is right with regard to the statement on the Leave bus.

That figure is simply not sent to the EU each week because it takes no account of the rebate that Mrs Thatcher negotiated. The UK Statistics Authority has said this figure is “misleading and undermines trust”.

The actual sum likely to be available once we leave is reckoned to be about £156m once Government obligations are fulfilled

It is estimated that Brexit is already costing the UK around £350m per week in lost growth – and we haven’t even left yet.

Andy Clark

Whitley Bay