BREXIT: Questions for Leavers

Given the result of the Brexit referendum, it would appear that a majority of your readers voted to leave the EU.

Saturday, 6th January 2018, 5:30 am

Whilst I believe this is against our country’s best interests, I have never taken the view that Leave voters are to be abused for their position. After all, the EU is certainly not perfect.

Nevertheless, I would ask those Leave voters three questions.

Firstly, do you feel that the Brexiteers were honest with you? Not just about the infamous £350m, but in the omission of key issues.

Why were the massive difficulties regarding the Irish border not explained, or the concerns over Europol and keeping us safe from terrorism, or the fact that without agreement by March 2019 no flights from the UK will be allowed to fly to Europe?

Next, are your readers aware of the investigations under way at the moment into the links with Russia?

It seems that Putin wishes the EU to fall apart and he appears to have been working on that agenda.

The Electoral Commission is investigating the Leave campaign for breaking spending rules.

Lastly, it is my belief that for some, the Leave vote’s purpose appears to be to dismantle the post-war consensus once and for all.

They want a low wage, gig economy with further reduced rights and job security, but tax cuts for the rich.

Can your Leave-voting readers honestly say that this is what they wanted when they placed their x in the box?

Andy Clark

Whitley Bay