BRIDGE: Important contribution

I write regarding the New Quay Conservation Area bridge.

Sunday, 23rd December 2018, 6:00 am

A community group of residents spent a year of research and consultation before producing a character statement of this area and the adjacent Fish Quay.

They were supported by North Tyneside Council officers and others, including local schools.

This document was adopted by the local authority and a copy can be found on the council’s website, in the planning section.

It makes it clear that this structure “is another important contribution to the character of the New Quay Conservation Area”.

In the introduction to this document it states: “This is a place of which to be proud, where North Shields originated and from which its posterity derives. Its unique mix of buildings give it a special character that would be destroyed by inappropriate development.”

I would suggest removing the Borough Road Bridge would, to say the least, be very inappropriate.

Who allowed it to be at risk, or other development that must comply with this character statement?

I would endorse earlier correspondence on this subject, in particular the need to maintain the access at bridge level to allow a link to Smiths Dock.

Might the developers of this area appreciate that access, free of vehicles, be available to the town and be asked to make funds available for this. It should be a selling feature.

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