BRIDGE: Important footway

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We are told that it is the “end of the road” for the pedestrian bridge over the lower end of Borough Bank in North Shields, (News Guardian, November 8).

We were informed that bridgeworks and associated buttress foundations were now considered to be no longer safe and were required to be ‘permanently removed’, implying a new bridge would not be built.

The statement that comments can still be sent to the council within a closing date of 21 days may only be part of the legal process on something already decided.

I, and others, responded to the initial consultation, saying the footbridge was a useful link to the ferry and buses, and to the ultimate 1,000 or so residences being built at the Smiths Dock site, and the close-by Royal Quays riverside.

This is even more apparent as a significant number of residences are now complete.

The council’s conclusion that only ‘a small number of objections’ had been received does not reflect that as well as individual views that a replacement bridge is necessary, a number of groups had made comments.

Such groups are made up of a number of people making combined significant input.

Riverside walks take place also.

If the demolition work has to be done on safety grounds, this will require a tidy sum anyway.

For such an elegant and historic structure, funds should be sought from government highways sources and other funds. The recent budget awarded a useful sum to the highways needs of councils, footways being an important element.

I already know some routes are much less convenient than the bridge.

AM Johnson

North Shields