Bridging the gap on epic challenge

Pupils bridged the gap to work together and build an epic structure from scratch.

Sunday, 17th December 2017, 7:00 am
Pupils from Collingwood and Percy Main Primary Schools join Norham High School pupils in the bridge building challenge.

Bright young minds from Norham High School, Collingwood Primary School and Percy Main Primary School worked alongside industry experts in a challenge to construct, cross and then dismantle the large scale, 15-metre model bridge.

As well as being brilliant fun, the purpose of the task was to help pupils gain a better understanding of real-life civil engineering.

During the hands-on challenge, they learned about construction methods and principles of forces.

They also got to practice their problem solving and team working skills.

The bridge-building task came courtesy of the Institute of Civil Engineers’ Bridges to Schools scheme, where pupils get to work with scale models of bridges and learn from experienced civil engineers.

Following the sessions at Norham High School, the bridge was moved on to Churchill Community College, where pupils there got to test out their civil engineering skills.

David Baldwin, executive headteacher at Norham High School and Churchill Community College, said: “This was a brilliant learning experience for everyone involved, and it was especially wonderful to welcome our primary school friends into Norham to enjoy the challenge, too.

“The bridge looked fantastic when it was complete and we were impressed and inspired by the attitudes and skills of the pupils who took part.”

“We’re always looking for new opportunities to enhance our pupils’ learning and understanding of the world around them, and we’re extremely grateful to the Institute of Civil Engineers for bringing the bridge to Norham High School and Churchill Community College.”