Builders charity challenge

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A CHARITY shop in Whitley Bay was taken over by staff from Jewsons last month in a bid to raise as much money as possible.

Ten members of staff took over Barnardo’s as part of The Store Wars Challenge andwere competing with teams at other Barnardo’s stores across the UK to boost income by as much as possible for the charity.

The last Store Wars Challenge raised over £52,000 for Barnardo’s and the Jewson teams are hoping their endeavours will raise even more this year.

The object of the Store Wars Challenge is to increase the takings at Whitely Bay store, based on the average daily takings.

Following the day itself each team have a month in which to maximise their fundraising and the challenge is all about putting key business skills to the test, in order to really make a positive impact on the local Whitely Bay community and leave a lasting legacy.

Mary-Ann Todd from Barnardo’s said: “The support and enthusiasm of teams such as Jewson is vital to the local success of Barnardo’s, helping to raise not only money but also awareness of the charity in Whitely Bay. We really appreciate Jewson’s participation in the Store Wars Challenge.”

Peter Stringer, Managing Director at Jewson, said: “It’s essential for Jewson to be engaged in activities such as Barnardo’s Store Wars. In addition to hopefully raising plenty of money for an important charity, our staff members also have the opportunity to develop their own skills, contribute in a relevant way to the local community and have fun at the same time.”