Building on green belt not in document

THE article on page 27 of last week’s News Guardian (December 1) about the ‘strategy for planning’ is misleading.

North Tyneside Council’s Core Strategy Preferred Options document is a planning policy that does not include any proposals for building homes on existing green belt land.

The petition that was discussed at the full council meeting on November 24 does not object to development on green belt land; the several sites referred to in the petition are all agricultural land.

The petition calls for them to be designated green belt/wedge ‘in order to preserve the full width of these wildlife corridors’.

The petition was submitted before the additional one month consultation on the ‘Core Strategy Growth Options’ provided as an alternative to the Labour group’s proposal for a ‘poll of all electorate in North Tyneside’ (March 2011).

The views of the petitioners should be taken into account in the Growth Options consultation but no more weight attached to them than the answers to the four simple questions that were asked, in particular: What option for growth over the next 15 years do you prefer?


Whitley Bay