Bureaucracy with break is too much

I read with great interest Mr C Johnson’s (no relation) letter (News Guardian, October 9), but I got more annoyed with the bias the more I read.

He seems, to me, to blame the current Labour majority on the council for all the borough’s past and current problems (if indeed there are any).

I feel I need to put him straight about several facts, such as:

The council has only had a Labour majority since 2011 and I am sure some of the things mentioned such as the libraries were in the planning stage before they came to power; Labour was last in control of the council in 2004, so what were the other parties doing between 2004 and 2011 (the Conservatives held control between 2008 and 2010); there have been Conservative mayors in North Tyneside for the majority of time since mayors were created on North Tyneside in 2002 (2002-2005, 2009-2013).

I know Mr Johnson would probably say I am a brainwashed Labour supporter, but although I do have Labour sympathies, I don’t always vote for them (but I always vote).

The suggestion that Whitley Bay should split from North Tyneside Council is laughable.

In this society most of the major decisions involve items affecting large parts of the borough. Such things as a school building, job creation, new roads and housing require decisions taken for the whole borough.

For example, imagine the bureaucracy in building the A186 from Earsdon past Shiremoor and Backworth to the A19 having to be decided by at least three parish councils – Whitley Bay, Shiremoor and Backworth and possibly North Shields.

As a final thought, if Whitley Bay and Monkseaton did split from the current council, this would probably involve the wards of Whitley Bay, Monkseaton North and Monkseaton South, two of which are held by Labour.

Brian Johnson

North Shields