Bus stops need to be retained

I HAVE long advocated that the centre of Whitley Bay should be pedestrianised, and I am pleased to see that this idea is in the council’s Area Action Plan.

But one crucial question still needs to be answered – where will the bus stops go?

I am talking about those outside the HSBC in Whitley Road.

If traffic is to be re-routed via York Road, the answer would seem to be to put the stops there.

But York Road is narrow and congestion problems would be caused by buses in numbers.

The only solution would appear to be to put a buses lay-by in front of the council’s new joint service centre. I only hope that the architects and planners have considered this idea.

As a trader in the town centre. I would not want to see customer footfall in the town reduced by pedestrianisation.

And if the bus stops problem cannot be solved, I might go off the idea altogether.

But at the moment I still believe that pedestrianisation of Whitley Road from the Victoria Road lights to the Park Avenue lights is an essential part of changing the nature of the town centre.

We won’t get the tourists back but we can certainly attract day-trippers.

I am told we can’t dig up the road to plant trees because of the services underneath, but we can certainly provide plenty of shrubs in tubs and flowers in towers (preferably bee-friendly).


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