Busiest month on record for North Tyneside rescue team

A rescue team has had its busiest month on record.

Wednesday, 22nd August 2018, 8:45 am
Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade had their busiest month on record. Picture by John Millard.

The warmer weather and more visitors to North Tyneside’s coastline saw more calls for members of the Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade (TVLB).

During July, the organisation was called out to 26 incidents – beating the previous record of 25 set in August 2016.

Coinciding with dry, warm weather and an influx of visitors to the coast, the incidents have included people fallen on rocks or into the river, tidal cut-offs and support to other emergency services.

These have been spread along the coastline from St Mary’s to Tynemouth, and upriver as far as Newcastle city centre. One incident even took place in the Rising Sun Country Park.

TVLB Captain Jonny Peters said: “We’ve had 19 of the crew on call this month and together we’ve spent well over 100 hours dealing with incidents.

“Thankfully, few were of a serious nature, but they could all have become so had the team not been able to respond.

“It’s been a great effort all round. Thanks should also go to our families and employers who allow us to disappear at all hours of the day and night with only a moment’s notice.”