Business uses HQ as example

Opus Green MD Chris Cassells.
Opus Green MD Chris Cassells.

Two award-winning entrepreneurs are using their own headquarters to show other businesses the financial and energy-saving benefits of solar panels.

Chris Cassells, MD of Opus Green based on North Tyneside Industrial Estate in Benton, and Gavin Richardson, MD of Opus Building Services, have fitted 80 panels to the Opus HQ at Boldon Business Park.

Mr Cassells said: “The combined income and savings generated after the installation of solar PV in year one will be £3,335 which equates to 90 per cent of their 2014 bill.

Mr Richardson, who launched Opus Green with Mr Cassells in 2010, said he did not have to think long about fitting the solar PV panels.

“We’ve had a huge, immediate saving to our electricity bill and we’re also drastically reducing our carbon footprint, so as a business owner there wasn’t too much to think about really.”

“There were no up-front costs, apart from the initial set-up £250 fee, and we estimate the net additional cost to the business will be just about £187 per month in year one.

“This will continue to reduce over the five-year loan period due to rising electricity prices and RPI linked payments, and then we’ll be into profit.

“So we’re future-proofed against rising electricity costs and any potential carbon taxes or levies and can look forward to an additional income stream.”

The solar PV system is ideally suited to building owners, landlords or leaseholders with a minimum 25-year lease, and works best with building south, south east or south west facing.

Buildings must be able to achieve a band D, or better, energy performance certificate with the addition of the solar system. The system can typically deliver an improvement of one to two grades in energy band ratings for a building.

Opus Building Services are a leading contractor of mechanical and engineering services, working throughout the region and across the UK.

Opus Green are green energy experts, established to provide businesses and homeowners with advice and guidance on reducing carbon emissions and cutting their fuel bills.