Engineering a career interest

Apprentices have been engineering potential careers thanks to a college event.

Pupils from around the region attended the TyneMet Engineering Careers event, organised by TyneMet College, to learn more about the industry.

As well as college staff, they met training providers including Rolls-Royce North East Training, TDR Training and Tyne North Training.

Jack Thompson, 22, currently on an apprenticeship with Bell Valves through TDR Training, said: “Being an apprentice has given me a head start in the world of work and really opened up my eyes.

“I’m learning so much and I’m gaining the skills required for a successful career.”

The engineering sector is currently facing a skills shortage which has signalled a boom in apprenticeships. Employers need to equip people with the skills and knowledge required to carry out specialised industry work.

Steven Atkinson, from TDR Training, said: “Apprenticeships are an excellent route for young people who want to make a start in engineering; the employers we work with understand the value of training and that a skilled workforce is fundamental to business success.”

Pastoral tutor at TyneMet College, Lyndsey Moy said: “This event is really exciting, it’s great to see young people and their parents come along and find out what apprenticeships are all about at the start of their career path.

“There’s a real passion for engineering and for the employers and training providers we work with this is a vital opportunity to re-energise the industry’s workforce.”

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