Expanding firm looks to take on new staff

A PLASTICS firm is set to launch a recruitment drive after landing £300,000 in investment.

The move comes just four years after Blyth’s Omega Plastics was rescued from administration.

The firm, the UK’s leading manufacturer of rapid plastic injection moulds, plans to add seven new recruits to its staff of 27 within the next few months.

It will use its investment, including a £63,000 grant from regional development agency One North East, to increase capacity at its Riverside Business Park factory.

The expansion is being carried out on the advice of Newcastle-based corporate finance specialist firm UNW.

The firm, set up in 1998 as an offshoot of a US company, relocated to Blyth after being taken over in 2006 by managing director Dave Crone and chairman Chris Thompson.

Mr Crone said: “What this investment is going to enable us to do is increase our injection-moulding capacity and also allow us to support the additional tooling requirements through an investment in the machine tool area of the facility.

“The advice we received from UNW was invaluable. It was very efficient and managed the whole process, which was exactly what we needed because this is a resource we just don’t have in house.

“Having secured the grant, we will make the investment in machinery and recruit seven new people to join our team over the next three months.”

Omega makes niche products for the defence, medical, personal hygiene and healthcare and automotive markets.

It recently supplied 10,000 Lifesaver bottles able to render contaminated water drinkable to the Ministry of Defence in Afghanistan.

It also numbers car manufacturer Aston Martin among its clients.

One North East business finance manager Ken Samson said: “I am delighted we have been able to offer Omega Plastics this grant to help the firm deliver to its expanding list of bluechip clients.”

Mr Crone added: “Our business has continued to grow because, although you can get things cheaper in China, customers fear for safety of their intellectual property there, and that’s a big concern in the product development cycle.

“Our moulding services are often used to prove a concept and make up the final stage in the design process before mass production, so it is vital that the intellectual property is safeguarded.”