Jill aiming to revolutionise parties with new website

Monkseaton mum Jill Lloyd, who has set up Really Wanted Things. Picture by Michelle Mercer Photography.
Monkseaton mum Jill Lloyd, who has set up Really Wanted Things. Picture by Michelle Mercer Photography.

A mother turned entrepreneur is aiming to go global with her new brand.

Monkseaton mum Jill Lloyd is aiming to revolutionise children’s parties and occasions with her brainchild Really Wanted Things which aims to make it easier and cheaper to buy presents for parties, birthdays, weddings and other occasions.

Really Wanted Things enables everyone to benefit

Jill Lloyd

Through ReallyWantedThings.com, anyone throwing a party can create a personalised page, send invitations and offer guests a chance to make a small contribution towards a really wanted thing.

Jill, who received help from The Business Factory, said: “I spoke to other mums and it became pretty clear that we were all facing the same frustration.

“You want to buy something thoughtful, meaningful and useful but it can be tricky to know what a person wants or might have.

“People are also feeling the pinch and I’d like to help people see their money go further.”

“Both throwing a party and buying gifts is expensive – especially with young children who can receive several party invites each month.

“With our site, people can suggest a maximum amount, say £5 each – which saves your guests money but means the birthday boy or girl can put it to something they really want.”

Really Wanted Things helps both those buying and receiving the gifts and has been set up to help overcome the awkwardness of asking for a financial contribution by including templates and the option to set up a maximum present amount.

Jill added: “Really Wanted Things enables everyone to benefit; the person giving knows that their contribution is going toward something that is truly wanted whilst also saving them time from trawling the internet or hitting the shops.

“We’ve also built in the option to give a percentage to charity, so the benefits of the business are really far reaching.”

The Business Factory, funded by North Tyneside Council, offers free advice and a wealth of professional support to anyone planning to start a business in North Tyneside.

Coun Frank Lott, North Tyneside Council’s cabinet member with responsibility for business support, said: “Ideas for starting a new business can come from a variety of sources and can very often be borne out of problem or challenge facing someone in there day to day life.

“It’s great to see entrepreneurs such as Jill Lloyd who have been helped by The Business Factory turn something into a solution which will benefit others and create thriving new ventures with the potential to develop into sound and sustainable enterprises.”

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