Photographer offering to put others in the frame

Matt Hale, at the Time Freezer gallery in Royal Quays Outlet Centre.
Matt Hale, at the Time Freezer gallery in Royal Quays Outlet Centre.

A photographer is offering to put local artists in the frame at his gallery.

Matt Hale opened the Time Freezer gallery and studio at Royal Quays Outlet Centre, in North Shields, three years ago.

Looking to unearth budding talent, Matt has developed a reputation for capturing some of the north east’s much loved landscapes.

Matt, from Tynemouth, said: “I have always had a passion for photography and I love capturing great images and iconic scenes or landmarks and I wanted to be able to give talented artists the chance to utilise a section of my gallery to display their work.

“I remember from my early days that it takes time to build and grow a customer base, creating the visibility in the market to make that happen can be expensive, especially when you are starting off.

“I know that there are some fantastic artists in the area and this is my way of giving something back by helping them to grow.

“It is an opportunity to use the space for a full month.

“Whether it’s university art students or more established artists looking for a great venue to sell their images, it is a chance to be exposed to a diverse range of potential customers within a bustling retail environment.”

The aim is to showcase a new talent each month for a month, having a launch night to get things going on the first Thursday of each month.

Local artists wishing to take advantage of Matt’s offer to showcase their work can contact him on (0191) 257 4829.

In addition to his gallery collections, Matt also offers bespoke photography services including portraits for families, babies, children and pets as well as weddings and special events.

Royal Quays centre manager, Judith Ramshaw, said: “This is an exciting initiative and it is great to see that Matt is opting to use a section of his gallery to showcase the talent of local artists.

“This will be a real test for them and an opportunity to operate within a competitive retail environment.”

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