Product is heating up the safety industry

The jet fire jacket during testing.
The jet fire jacket during testing.

A North Shields firm is heating up the industry with a revolutionary new product.

AIS has re-engineered its award-winning Jet Fire Pro fire protection jacketing system, which could shave hundreds of thousands of pounds off safety costs for the oil and gas industry.

We’ve stripped back our existing Jet Fire Pro product to make it the thinnest and lightest on the market

Head of AIS Technical, Chris Evans

The system – at just 35mm thick – is the thinnest and lightest version on the market, reducing overall project costs for operators.

It insulates pipe work, valves, actuators and associated equipment against possible hydrocarbon and jet fires by withstanding temperature extremes of up to 1,250°C for 90 minutes.

Head of AIS Technical, Chris Evans, said: “Many operators were finding that existing PFP systems were over-engineered for their needs and they simply didn’t need 120 minutes of protection to maintain safety levels.

“We’ve stripped back our existing Jet Fire Pro product to make it the thinnest and lightest on the market.”

“As well as making it easier and up to 75 per cent quicker to manufacture and install, the product’s reduced weight and thickness means we save on reduced material, shipping and storage costs.

“We are then able to pass these cost savings directly onto our clients.

“We’re continuing to respond to customer feedback and will soon be launching a new innovation hub in Aberdeen where we’ll work closely with customers to continue to find more innovative solutions to meet tomorrow’s challenges.”

Passive fire protection is compulsory offshore due to regulations introduced following Piper Alpha.

AIS’s Jet Fire Pro is six times thinner than alternative fire protection systems making it considerably easier to fit, transport and maintain and therefore substantially reducing overall costs for oil and gas operators.

Months of research and development have gone into the system, which is manufactured at AIS’s state-of-the-art, fully automated fabrication facility in North Shields.

It uses highly technological materials such as those developed by NASA, to vastly reduce overall weight and size whilst maintaining technical performance.

As well as boasting an operating capacity of between -60°C and 1,250°C, the Jet Fire Pro has a special weather layer which has super hydrophobic values to repel water.

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