Scheme to get workforce fit

The UK’s largest office park and a sports organisation have teamed up to help workers improve their health.

As part of Tyne & Wear Sport’s Active Workplace programme, staff based at Cobalt Business Park in North Tyneside can now get involved in a range of diverse activities being delivered in partnership with the on-site Cobalt More team, helping over 12,000 employees find a sport they love playing.

The activities on offer include football, tennis, volleyball, and more.

Packages have been put together after consultation with staff at Cobalt to fit the needs of the workforce.

Amy Carroll, events and communications manager at Cobalt, said: “We had already provided timetable of events, classes and clubs on site, however, this partnership has really helped bolster what we offer.

“Now there are more sports than ever for workers.

“We believe in investing in the health and wellbeing of our employees.

“The sessions have been designed to fit the working lives of people at Cobalt so we can aim to create a strong sense of community and a truly rewarding environment in which to live and work.”

Matthew Briggs, communications officer at Tyne & Wear Sport, said: “We want to get more people more active more of the time. This partnership will really help achieve that.”