Cadets hit right note on parade

The band of 2344 (Longenton) Squadron taking part in a parade through Durham.
The band of 2344 (Longenton) Squadron taking part in a parade through Durham.

CADETS were soaring as they hit the right note in a parade celebrating 70 years of the organisation.

More than 400 air cadets from across the region took part in the parade through the streets of Durham, being led by the band of 2344 (Longbenton) Squadron.

The youngsters were joined on the hot October day by local dignitaries.

The air cadet movement first began in 1941, in order to train young men to fly and maintain aircraft during the Second World War.

Now, the organisation a quite different - it’s a voluntary youth organisation offering youngsters the chance to gain international qualifications, try new adventures and activities, and learn key lessons in citizenship.

The Longbenton Band performed a special repertoire which featured a melody of pieces including Local Hero, Blaydon Races and Those Magnificent Men.

The bandmaster, cadet sergeant Christopher Wilson, 17, of Benton, said: “It was an amazing experience to perform on such an occasion and at a fantastic location.

“We were all really nervous, but the parade went very well.”

Wing Commander Dave Harris, of the Durham Northumberland Wing, said: “It was heart-warming to see so many people on the streets showing their support for the work we have done over 70 years, and the work that we continue to do.”

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