Call-outs for life brigade

The Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade (TVLB) was called out yesterday and today.

Saturday, 29th September 2018, 7:56 pm
Updated Saturday, 29th September 2018, 8:02 pm
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At 11.04am this morning, HM Coastguard paged the brigade and Cullercoats RNLI after two paddleboarders were observed being blown out to sea to the north of Cullercoats Bay.

A TVLB spokesman said on its Facebook page: “As the brigade rescue vehicle arrived on scene and the lifeboat prepared to launch, the paddleboarders were rescued by a passing fishing boat, which brought them safely back to the Bay.

“In the meantime, the lifeboat headed out to sea and did a quick search of the area to ensure no-one else was in difficulty.

“With nothing further of note found, the lifeboat crew and brigade members met the original two paddleboarders back at Cullercoats – they both confirmed that they did not require any further assistance and apologised for the inconvenience they had caused.

“In addition, HM Coastguard paged the brigade at 4.53pm yesterday after a member of the public raised concern for a man he could see sitting on a ledge on rocks at the south side of King Edward’s Bay, underneath Tynemouth Priory.

“With the tide rising, it appeared that the man would get cut off and could potentially be in a dangerous position.

“Brigade members arrived on scene and found that the casualty was actually fishing, but was Spanish and unfamiliar with local conditions and therefore was now becoming concerned for how he would return to a place of safety.

“Two brigade members, wearing water rescue equipment, escorted the man off the rocks and back to the Bay. He was then given a safety talk and guided on how to find out the local tide times.”