Campaign sharing achievements

We all remember the achievements of our childhood. The egg and spoon races; the swimming certificates and report cards, these memories stay with you forever.

Parents everywhere celebrate these achievements and make their children feel special whenever they do well.

In homes across the UK the fridge is the centre of this celebration with artworks and certificates proudly adorning the doors for all to see.

So if you’re a proud parent, stick your children’s achievements onto the Nation’s Fridge Door to support the work of Barnardo’s with vulnerable, abused and underprivileged children.

The ‘Support the Unsupported’ campaign is inspired by the way loving families celebrate their children’s achievements, sticking things like drawings, certificates and photos to their fridge doors.

By posting pictures of your children’s achievements to the nation’s Fridge Door website and sharing them with friends and family, you can help highlight the needs of young people who face hardships that are unimaginable to most – and must survive without the love and encouragement that would help them thrive.

To show your support you can post a photo of your child’s achievements onto The Nation’s Fridge Door website at share it with your family and friends.

Steve Oversby


Barnardo’s North East