Campaign to seek support for the elderly

Candidates in the forthcoming General Election are being invited to outline their party’s and their plans to support the elderly.

Age UK North Tyneside is asking everyone who can vote to help make sure the candidates standing for the Tynemouth and North Tyneside constituencies understand and act on the issues affecting older people.

The organisation has launched its election campaign ‘A great place to grow older’.

Alma Caldwell, Age UK’s chief executive, said: “Throughout the campaign Age UK North Tyneside will be providing opportunities for people to have their say, to tell all the candidates what matters to them and ask them what action they will take to make North Tyneside a great place to grow older.

“Whichever party or coalition forms the next government we will be calling on them to take action to improve later life for older people.”

She added that their vision is of a world where older people can love later life because they have enough money, can join in with their local community, live in a safe home, and can enjoy feeling well because they have access to quality health and care.