Campaigners left disappointed over £30m masterplan

Campaigners battling to save a seafront cafe from demolition have hit out at the lack of any replacement in plans to regenerate the coastline.

North Tyneside Council is looking to demolish the Boardwalk Cafe, on Watts Slope, as part of its £30m masterplan.

But members of Save and Revamp the Boardwalk campaign say the proposals are left “wanting” as there is no adequate replacement.

Campaigner Gillian Swanson welcomed plans to install proper lighting in the Watts Slope area, which would make the area safer.

However, she added: “Looking at the drawings illustrating the proposed redevelopment, I see there is a pathway leading down behind the kiosk to the promenade.

“There appears to be no reason whatsoever why the plans should not be adapted to accommodate either a refurbished Boardwalk, or a similar café on the same site.

“An arrangement along these lines would also increase footfall to the café, where an extended veranda area with superb sea views might also be a possibility.

“It is hard to see how the proposed steps to the beach would make ‘our seafront more accessible to the public’.”