Candidates revealed for this year’s General Election

A total of 12 candidates will battle it out for two parliamentary seats in the forthcoming General Election.

The candidates for the Tynemouth and North Tyneside constituencies were revealed for the election on May 7 after the deadline for nominations passed yesterday (Thursday).

There are seven candidates for the North Tyneside constituency, which is currently held by Labour’s Mary Glindon.

The candidates are:-

• John Christopher Appleby, Liberal Democrat;

• Bob Batten, National Front;

• Martin William Collins, Green Party;

• Mary Theresa Glindon, Labour Party;

• Scott Alan Hartley, UK Independence Party (UKIP);

• Martin Terence McGann, Conservative Party;

• Tim Wall, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition.

There are five candidates for the Tynemouth constituency, where Labour’s Alan Campbell is the current MP.

The candidates are:

• Alan Campbell, Labour Party;

• Julia Anne Erskine, Green Party;

• Glenn Anthony Hall, Conservative Party;

• Gary Matthew Legg, UK Independence Party (UKIP);

• John Paton-Day, Liberal Democrat.